The West – Part V

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Martial Arts

Martial Arts training consists of one Ability, Kung Fu (V), and several Secrets, divided into Stances and Techniques. All Stances and Techniques have Secret of Training (Kung Fu (V)) as a prerequisite.

A Stance is a Secret that represents an attitude or posture assumed by the Martial Artist in order to better deal with upcoming challenges. Characters can slip into a Stance by making one Kung Fu (V) check. This check creates a special Effect that lasts only until the end of the scene or until the character slips into a different Stance. Unlike other Effects, Stance Effects need not be paid for with Pool, due to their transient nature. Characters cannot activate the same Stance more than once in the same scene.

A Technique is a Secret that represents specialized training. Techniques only need to be paid for once per scene, in order to activate them.

Chinaman Abilities

Kung Fu (V) – formal martial arts.

Acrobatics (I) – the Asian version of Athletics, with more flare and more spinning.

Accupuncture (R) – the ancient art of healing, applicable to all three types of harm. Heals one box equal to or lower than success level.

Fireworks (R) – the use of light explosives for artistic or entertainment purposes. This is an artistic Ability.

Martial Arts Stances

Fire – The character can spend the Stance Effect as bonus dice on any Ability checks, except for a Kung Fu (V) check made to slip into another Stance.

Impervious Mind – The character can cancel the effects of opponents’ Secrets by spending one point of the Stance Effect and as much Pool as the opponents spent activating the Secret. Regardless of the number of opponents or the number of times a Secret is being cancelled, the point of Effect need only be spent once for each different Secret. Secret of Training cannot be cancelled by this Stance.

Shaolin – The character can use the Stance Effect to pay for activating Martial Arts Techniques. Techniques activated in this way must be activated again if the character changes Stance.

Water – The character can prevent their opponents from using the Pool bonus die or the Secret of Training to enhance their die rolls in combat skills, by spending one point of Effect per opponent. The impediment lasts for the scene or until the character changes Stance.

Martial Arts Techniques

Disarm – The character is good at knocking objects from people’s hands. The character can prevent the use of one rated equipment or any temporary Declared equipment for the duration of the scene. Also, the character can prevent their opponents from using certain skills that, by their nature, require hand-held tools, such as Firearms (I), Bladework (I) or others, at least until such a time as those opponents can regain or replace those tools.
Cost: 1 Instinct or 1 point of Shaolin Stance Effect.

Flurry of Blows – The character has learned how to strike in multiple places at once. In combat, the character can chain Kung Fu (V) into itself. This Secret can only be used once per check.
Cost: 1 Instinct + 1 Reason + 1 Vigor or 3 points of Shaolin Stance Effect.

Healing Points – The character is trained in the pressure points of the human body, to the point of being able to heal through them. The character can use Kung Fu (V) to heal one box of Vigor Harm with a level equal to or lower than the success level of the check. This technique cannot be used in combat.
Cost: 2 Reason or 2 points of Shaolin Stance Effect.

Monkey – The character is keenly aware of his surroundings and can use absolutely any piece of mobile scenery as Declared +1 equipment for Kung Fu (V) in combat.
Cost: 1 Instinct or 1 point of Shaolin Stance Effect.

Ox – The character’s Martial Arts training includes some extremely versatile moves. The character can use Kung Fu (V) as if it were any other Vigor-based Ability.
Cost: 1 Instinct + 1 Vigor or 2 points of Shaolin Stance Effect.

Chinaman Secrets

Mistery – The character is particularly hard to read and no one can quite understand what makes him tick. The following skills get an extra penalty die when used against the character: Intimidate (V), Savoir-Faire (I), Sway (R), Charlatan (R), Gambling (R).

Tao – The character is a student of ancient oriental religious texts and is adept at recalling and dispensing wisdom. This Secret counts as Secret of Training for both React (I) and Resist (R) and as Secret of Leadership, providing the recipient is using either React (I) or Resist (R).

Chinaman Keys

Kharmic Tie (person) – The character has a person they believe to be their kharmic brother.
1xp: The character interacts with this person.
2xp: The character helps this person to achieve their goals.
5xp: The character puts themselves in harm’s way or sacrifices for this person.
Buyoff: Lose one’s faith in the concept of a kharmic tie.

Outcast – The character is particularly aware of his outsider ethnicity.
1xp: The character’s ethnicity comes up.
2xp: The character inccurs social difficulties because of his ethnicity.
5xp: The character comes under violence because of his ethnicity.
Buyoff: Come to terms with one’s outsider status.

Prophet – The character has the wisdom to see into the future.
1xp: The character makes a prediction about the future.
2xp: The character gets into trouble because of their predictions.
5xp: The character’s prediction comes true.
Buyoff: Lose faith in one’s prophecy.

What’s Next

Up next, the Indian culture and rules for herbalism and drugs.


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