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Wedding under Spirit Lights

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Hail, all, 🙂

Last week, I attended a wedding.

So, why is this worthy of note? Two reasons: one, it was my first virtual wedding, and two, I was presiding.

Yes, that’s correct, last Wednesday, the 18th of July of 2007, Zooggy, my World of Warcraft priest character, presided over the wedding between Teufel and Saharah, two other WoW characters (who are man and woman in real life, and in fact, live together).

The ceremony was held in the Valley of the Spirits in Orgrimmar, and was a “traditional” horde wedding. (Read: a ceremony entirely made up by Infinity, the wedding planner, and myself.) For your enjoyment, here are a series of wedding “photographs” (or screenshots, to be more accurate).