A Wedding Tale

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I’m starting off a new post category, for all cool things related to friends and/or family, but not related to gaming. It would be sort of cool if I had decided to do this, and then found something interesting to post right away. Even cooler, though, is the fact that I have something that I absolutely must post, which is what drove me to reorganize the categories in the first place.

A friend of mine got married the other day.

So what, that happens every day, right? Only, this wedding was… different.

There was that old whiskey commercial where the female voice-over kept saying “tradition says…” I’m gonna go with that.

Tradition says the cerimony is in a church. This wedding had an outdoors¬†civil cerimony, complete with a representative of the civil government. It was in an Adventure Park, which is a venue out in the mountains somewhere, with facilities for paintball games, trekking, mountain climbing, shooting, canooeing, kayaking, etc…

Tradition says the bride wears a white wedding dress and the groom wears a tux. This groom wore plain ole trousers and a hand-made white shirt with flowers on it. The bride wore a hand-made white dress with flowers on it. Also, she was barefoot.

Tradition says the bride arrives in a limo and enters the church to the sound of the wedding march. This bride arrived via a 300ft drop slide and walked the ceremony grounds to the sound of Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman.

Tradition says there’s a priest leading the ceremony and the family members read selected passages from the bible. This couple led the ceremony themselves. Friends and family members spoke briefly about them as people and about them as a couple. The groom’s father made a cool speech.

Tradition says the church choir sings various hymns. This couple had a band playing the aforementioned Pretty Woman, as well as various other songs. They also had a friend sing a song he himself had written. The groom’s alma matter has a university folk song group (a “tuna” in Portuguese) which the groom had been a part of (and which I myself was a part of when I was in college). A sizeable amount of current and former mebers of this group attended, in traditional university student outfit, and they sang. (Hey, at one point, I got to join in, which was cool¬†in a¬†revivalist fashion.)

Tradition says the bride and groom give each other wedding rings. This bride gave the groom and necklace she made herself. The groom gave the bride a virtual wedding ring.

Tradition says the newlyweds leaves in a limo, possibly with tin cans attached. This couple left in a fire engine, with full horns blowing.

I’ve been to a lot of weddings in my life, as I’m sure have you all. This one, however, was the first wedding I actually shared. I actually felt that I understood what it meant to these two people thay they were getting married.

Too awesome not to share!


One Response to “A Wedding Tale”

  1. The Groom says:

    It was incredible to share our wedding with so many friends. We had something planned, but it became so much more.

    Thank you for sharing.