A Hero Moves On

Hey, all, 🙂

Duval, the elven Ammenite with a conscience, is no more.

In the brief days of his existence, he participated in a full moon feast, chased a manipulative rascal, made friends, saved lives, got fallen in love with, was imprisoned, rescued, ambushed, fought, and was called a traitor, and then a hero.

In his finest hour, he single-handedly fought and defeated over fifteen of his own countrymen, who, acting on the orders of the commander of a much more sizeable force, were poised to stage a large-scale invasion of his friends’ land.

Through his actions, he stopped the invasion on its tracks and went on to end the war itself. Of course, in the long run, the Ammenites can’t be trusted, but for the time being, at least, the Khaleans can sleep soundly.

And when it was all over, he walked off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

Actual Play at The Forge, as usual, with some substantive content regarding the game play, and yes, I’m being immodest about it. 😉


2 Responses to “A Hero Moves On”

  1. May Duval be remembered for all time!

  2. RedPissLegion says:

    Hey, cool stuff right there (and at the forge). I hope that kind of strong emotions and roler-coaster of character development happens in my TSoY game also.