Spambots Ahoy

Hey, all, 🙂

Ok, I’m getting just a little bit sick of flagging viagra and cialis sales site URL posts as spam.

Also, I want people to be able to post here and to see their comments online immediately, without having to wait for me to say that, yeah, they’re ok. Mostly, I don’t want people to think I might not want to hear what they have to say.

Of course, the operative word there is people. I really don’t want to sell phentermine here, mostly because I just don’t know what phentermine is… (and before you post a comment to this effect, I’d like to keep it that way, please, thank you vey much!)

In that spirit, I’m going to be trying out a number of Word Press plugins in the next few days. If you detect any problems, please bear with me whilst I endeavour to fix them.


2 Responses to “Spambots Ahoy”

  1. Hey, have you turning on (or installing a plugin for) Capcha, or whatever it’s called? I don’t know if it would confuse all the bots, but I’m sure most of them would get turned down.

  2. joao-mendes says:

    Hey, 🙂

    Lately, I’ve been using Akismet and I was happy about it until I noticed that comments from both you and Mariano were “held up for moderation”, even though the site is relatively open.

    I’ll have to look into this…

    Damn spammers!!!