Dogs in the Vineyard

Hello, 🙂

Yeah, finally, I’ve wanted to try this one out ever since I met the rest of the crazy indie dudes in Lisbon. (Especially Ricardo, who buys indie games in bulk, I suspect…)

Building Dogs towns is wicked fun. Here is Williamsville, my first attempt.

The session itself didn’t go so well, however. Here is an account of our hurdles.

The odd part is, everybody and their mother raves about this game, so there has to be something good and juicy and wholesome right there under the surface. I’m reminded of our first difficulties with PtA, which was also entirely untrivial. I’m thinking, yeah, this is probably just another one of those things. Or rather, I’m hoping. I definitely plan to play it again, maybe to finish up Williamsville, or maybe to make new characters and try another town.

Time will tell.


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