Lisbon Gamer is ON!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time. So now, after quite the number of long hours getting my already-proccess-riddled machine to accept that it too can run Apache and PHP, and Lisbon Gamer is finally on the air.

I have things to say. Or at least, I’m vain enough to think so. So, for the foreseable future, I plan to use this space to air them all out.

Here’s what you can expect from me here:

  • Every single discussion I have about game design, game theory or gaming in general;
  • Summaries of actual play sessions that strike me in a particular manner;
  • Progress reports on my own meager design efforts;

Of course, that’s the gaming part. In other news, I also develop and maintain software, professionally, so a little of that may creep up in here. On occasion, that is.

So, welcome to Lisbon Gamer. Pipe in whenever you feel like it. Tell people about this place. Or not. Either way, I hope this turns out to be helpful to you, somehow.


3 Responses to “Lisbon Gamer is ON!”

  1. Coolness!

    Let the good dice roll!

  2. Elora says:

    Welcome! May I comment in Portuguese? May I use this address in my blogroll?

  3. joao-mendes says:

    Hi, 🙂

    Elora: yes, and yes.